So you want a tattoo by Tino? Thanks for your interest! Please read below then book your appointment!! Thank You!!

In the following I will try to explain the Process from Beginning (booking) to the day of the actual Tattoo. Email me at for any questions, thanks!!

1st and most Important:

Fill out the Form under "BOOK APPT", I will then get back to you with some available dates for that month. First come first served. 

2nd Step:

Once a date is confirmed make your Deposit under "SHOP". The deposit is 50$ which goes towards the tattoo. Once the deposit is received you will be locked in on my Calendar.

3rd Step:

Send me reference photos if you have any and or send me details of what you would like to get tattooed, be as specific as possible and I will get back to you with an estimate and then a design a day or 2 before appointment.

4th Step:

BE PATIENT with me and I will get back in touch with you a day or 2 before appointment to confirm appointment and show you what I designed for your tattoo.  Feedback and input is welcomed and encouraged so I can make the right changes if needed to fit your liking.

Final Step:

Make sure you have a good night sleep the night before appointment and a good meal before you arrive to the shop. Final tweaks to Tattoo Design can be made together with me at the Shop, way easier like that trust me. :-)

Max Gates.jpg

Example of Details and Specifics

Lotus Mandala.jpg
Koi Cover up.jpg
Tiger Tina.jpg