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Books are now Open For Late October and on
If you already know how this goes please make your deposit down below and then text me with a screenshot over at 470-637-2324. You can also make the deposit via Cashapp $tattoosbytino (Tino Hernandez).

To give you an idea of my new 
prices just know I will be doing:
200$ to All New Clients
160$ to All Old clients (everyone with a tattoo by me as of 6/15/22) 🙃

Make sure you still send me a screenshot and I'll get back to you with a picture of my Calendar so you can pick a date. 

First timers or to those who need a quote first,
read below:

The way it goes is like this:
First I take care of those who know how things go with me. Thats why 
I ask for deposit off the bat. 
If its your first time or you need a 
quote first please fill out the form 
below. We will then reach out to 
you via text. (make sure you write 
your phone number down)

To give you an idea of my 
prices just know I will be doing

200$ to All New Clients
160$ to All Old clients (everyone with a tattoo by me as of 6/15/22 🙃

New Clients (200$) (or old clients that want to get in sooner and pay that tab) I have left 2 open days per week from this point and on, so I can tattoo you next week if you like! 🤑

Once we lock in a date I don't get back in contact with you until the day before appointment. I do that with everyone. Doing things like this allows me to focus on each tattoo one day at the time. Now I know that might not sound right but I've been doing things like this for the past 4 years and its been working Great!

I can do the following types of Tatts:
Black and Grey
Neo Traditional
Line Work
(basically anything n everything)

If you would still like a quote of your tattoo before you make a deposit and lock in a date please just fill out the form down below. (some times I take a day or 6 to reply but I reply..)

Thank you!! 🙏 
See ya soon!!