Hello, Thank you for your interest in becoming my Apprentice.

In the following I will give you an idea of how this could go.

If by the end of these words you think this might be 

for you then please fill out the form.


Please fill out the form with full honesty.

I am an honest humble hard working dude

and I would like to keep the same vibe around

us if we're gonna go through this for a whole year.

Do know Everyone gets a fair chance. 

From the way you answer this form, 6 to 8 folks will be chosen

to move forward to a in person meeting/interview.

As you fill out the form, If you already know me act like

you don't and I'll do the same as I review these.

(That way its fair and square)


To those that make it to a in person meeting

I will notify you by this Friday midnight (April 16th)

If I haven't gotten in touch with you via text by Saturday 

That means you didn't make the cut,  Sorry.

but please no hard feelings if you don't make it.



Once again please be honest. 

I have something pretty cool to teach, Something worth the while

Something you can make a living with, its an actual career if you treat it like it.

This wasn't easy to learn

it took me years and years to learn this so don't expect me 

to give it up easily, (thats what she said) lol JK

But for real, I don't plan to charge you a dime or take advantage 

of you but I expect full commitment and Hard Work in exchange.

So please if you're having doubts already then this isn't for you.

But if you are an Optimistic person and believe you can do

this no matter how hard it could be or

how long it could take, please be my guest!

This set of Apprentices will be my last set for a good 3 to 4 years. 

In that time frame I will focus on making/turning you guys

into Tattoo Beasts/Masters!! (you guys and my 

current apprentices/artists)

If you have been following me for a minute now on IG

you have an idea of what Im capable of teaching.

from my past 2 set of Apprentices I've learned

what works right and what doesnt.

If you have an artist background do know that is a plus.

If you don't have an Artist background do know

its still possible. You would just have to work a little harder.

So that being said

I'm out here scouting those that can adapt and learn quick

those that can come in 3 to 5 days a week 

for a good 4 to 7 hrs a day kinda deal.

Theres a lot to learn. So be serious and be ready! 

I wish you the best of luck, remember, 

only 6/8 of you will move to the next phase! The interview phase.

Good luck!