Hello, Thank you for your interest in becoming my Apprentice.

You and a good other 12 to 15 folks were given this link.

around 25 ish in total folks reached out to me.

But dont feel special yet.

Please fill out the following form with full honesty.

I am an honest humble hard working dude

and I would like to keep the same vibe around

me if we're gonna go through this for a whole year, plus.

There's 2 spots available. Everyone gets a fair chance.

As you fill out the form, If you already know me act like

you dont and I'll do the same

as I review these Sunday night.

(That way its fair and square)

5 of you will move on to an interview phase, the rest

 I will notify you if you dont make the cut. 

but please no hard feelings if you dont make it.

Once again please be honest. 

I have something amazing to teach, shit wasnt easy to learn

it took me years and years to learn this so dont expect me 

to give it up easily, (thats what she said) lol JK

But for real, I wont charge you a dime or take advantage 

of you but I expect full commitment.

So please if you're having doubts already then this isnt for you.

But if you are an Optimistic person and believe you can do

this no matter how hard it could be please be my guest!

**little story about how far I've came along and how serious this is to me""

I got my first tattoo kit when I was 16, I did my first tattoo on my Uncle that same night/day

I got the kit in the mail. I Knew then this was something I would enjoy doing for years to come.

Around the age of 17 I got into an argument with my mom over me tattooing.

At the time I was tattooing the homies/friends.

She wasnt cool with me 

doing them because in her eyes it wasnt appropriate.

I grabbed my backpack (I kept my whole settup in a backpack) I grabbed some 

clothes and moved the FUCK out.

As time went by I worked in construction and a few other jobs but always  

kept tattoos on the side tattooing nights and weekends and when ever I had the opportunity.

12 years later from getting that kit Im still tattooing.

I live off of this now, 

I have tattooed cops, firefighters, emts, doctors, nurses, plugs, sergeants, soldiers

lawyers, professionals, shit one time  I even tattooed a 60 yr old Judge. NO BS

Tattoos have become a luxury, and if you're good at it shit goes well.

and if you keep getting better shit gets even better.

Soooo please take this shit seriously. You wouldnt believe how scary

it was when I decided to do this full time 5 years ago.

But I got through it, sometimes alone, and I dont regret a thing.

Im here to help you move through this Journey, wont be easy 

at times but you get out what you put in, you know. 

All That being said I wish you the best of luck, remember, 

only 5 of you will move to the next phase! The interview phase.

Good luck!